Why Us

Searching for an insurance provider in Georgia can be a strenuous task. There are many companies from which to choose, so it is important to choose the one that will provide you the greatest benefits for your money. That is what makes The Insurance Source stand out from other companies. Family owned and operated for over 20 years, our staff has a combined field experience of over 35 years. Our guarantee is to look at each situation with an open mind and a steady eye to find the policy that fits the individual need of the client, whether it may be a large company with hundreds of employees, a family, or an individual seeking the best coverage for the best prices. Each client gets our full attention to their individual situation.

Tired of comparing dozens of insurance companies and dozens of policies when you have no idea what the differences in each of them really are? After all insurance is insurance right? As long as it covers the doctors’ visits and medicine that’s all that matters right? Wrong. There is so much more to consider! It’s easy to forget to consider the things we don’t use on an every day basis like hospital co-pays, ambulance rides, and surgical deductibles. These are all VERY important things that need your attention to save you money both now and in the long term! Believe us, you don’t want to get hit in the face with a deductible you had no idea existed while you are lying in a hospital bed. Let us help sort out the details!

Life is chaotic and busy… Here at The Insurance Source we understand that between work, home, extra curricular activities, meetings, vacations, and everything in between the last thing you want to think about are the “what ifs” to assure you and your insurance policy are prepared for ALL scenarios. We have been there! Let us help you help yourself, your company, or your family. Whatever your situation may be, we have experienced, well trained employees who do know what companies are accepted at your doctor, what hospital is in your network, what auto insurance company is offering the best rates, what type of life insurance best suites your lifestyle and most importantly they know exactly what that insurance lingo means so we can find the policy with the benefits that best suit you! We think of all the little forgotten about questions and details in order to tailor the policy to you!